Aaron Gilbert Arnold

Aaron Gilbert Arnold is a Contemporary Artist and Meditation Instructor from Cleveland Ohio. Aaron’s Artwork is a blend of Cubism, Surrealism, and Pop Art with daring compositions and complex symbology. Aaron synthesizes the artistic and philosophical of east and west to create work that brings humanity together.

“A single Line continuous can tell the entire story of creation. – I only draw three things The Bird, The Horse, and The Human. The rest of my images are ornaments.  The Bird represents female energy, joy, and playfulness. The Horse represents male energy power, anger, and determination. The Human represents the conduit of theses energies.  The energies are not only female and male but guttural, earthly, and heavenly. The androgyny in my work is there for the sole purpose of connection- it allows the energies to intermingle, morph, and coalesce freely…”

A.G.A. is currently based in Cleveland, OH, USA.