Sticks and Stones: Going “Primal” with Vestige Concept Gallery

Primal Disposition, opening Saturday, October 16th, is the latest fall offering from the popular newcomer gallery in a series of 2021 mixed exhibitions.  “We really sought to bring everything down to a darker, raw, foundational level”, says Media Director Kelsey Dennis.  In doing so, they have employed a variety of National works including sculptural pieces by Anthony Heinz May, Audrey Zahraa Franklin, and Bryna McCann, recent NY Academy of Art MFA and spouse of two-time Tony Award winning Director Des McAnuff.   Zahraa Franklin, also based in NY, will be displaying “Phylogenetic Stealth”, from her latest collection entitled “New Growth”.  According to Zahraa Franklin:

“As we emerge from what we have collectively been through, this collection mirrors that new growth. The world’s global landscape is forever changed, and we now have the opportunity to choose our foundational new growth in more inclusive and expansive ways than before”. 

Primal Disposition will also feature a variety of 2D works and showcase local artists, such as McKees Rocks native Jay Michael Del Greco, whose particular brand of “primal’ is sure to attract fans of the darker side of art. 

Opening Reception, Saturday, October 16th, 6-9 PM.  5417 Butler Street. 

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