A photograph of artist Cynthia Celone standing in the woods with two of her artworks hanging from trees

Cynthia Celone

Cynthia Celone is a Connecticut-based painter, draftswoman, and photographer who received her BFA with distinction in Drawing and Painting from the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts. Celone’s artwork explores empowerment, spiritual enlightenment, time, and nature, while exhibiting curiosity towards the unknown dreamscapes of our subconscious. Through acrylic and oil paint, she’s able to bring each painting to life with bright, saturated colors layered like stripes.

Over time, she has aquired a deeper understanding of the figure’s purpose within a picture plane. Breaking pre-existing notions of the ‘gaze,’ the figures in her work aren’t concerned with the viewers opinion, they’re simply occupying space. In some cases, one might wonder who is viewing who. There’s a juxtaposition between the abstract and figurative to describe the contrast of spiritual and physical multidimensionality of existence. Through her artwork, Celone dives into the hidden depths of consciousness while simultaneously showing appreciation of the natural landscape and human psyche.