“Leaf People” | Lisa M. Haabestad,


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Framed Collage 16″ x 12″ x 1″

A Pittsburgh native, Lisa grew up in Point Breeze where her art-loving family lived through the city’s cultural and environmental transformations for over nine decades. This historic neighborhood and her family’s passion for the arts and nature combine to form the foundation for her underlying interest and explorations of memory and place.

Her passion for trees and recycling inspire her current artistic expression and medium of choice: paper of all types. Paper weaving and collage turns books, maps, mail, wrapping paper, bus and ferry schedules, origami and paste paper into unique combinations. It also allows the artist to incorporate the artwork of others into her own. In addition, botanical elements can be incorporated, celebrating all interests in a mixed media format. The intersection of personal and public artistic expression in the service of environmental education is the foundation of her explorations.