Robert Sands

Robert Sands is an award-winning graphic designer and artist from Pittsburgh, PA.  After graduating from the Ivy School of Professional Art in 1964, Sands went on to work for Gateway Studios and Colopy Dale, before becoming independent and forming his own firm Terminal Graphics.  This venture would continue to partner with Hill & Knowlton throughout the 1980’s and 90’s, bringing to life events for several major clients such as GE, Wendy’s, Penske, and Major League Baseball.   In the 2000’s, Sands continued to free-lance as a designer,  and  much of his graphic work can be seen throughout Pittsburgh, in businesses such as Master Remodelers, Bistro To Go, and the “Welcome to Deutschtown” sign off of I-376.  Always future-minded, Sands created Kore Image Technologies in 2011, and was among the first to bring boutique interactive displays to both local and national businesses.

Sands currently lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.