call for artists


DEADLINE 11/4  — Vestige Concept Gallery Presents their winter contemporary exhibition NOËL NOIR.  This show aims to showcase works of art that most prominently features the color black.  Artwork does not have to be representative of any holiday or religion; but may feature winter imagery; “noir” imagery (ala noir film/photography/mystery); or be minimalist/abstract. Work that is black and white or includes complimentary colors is also acceptable and these works should not be discouraged from applying.  This show aims to highlight contemporary elegance.  All artists are asked to consider their body of work and how black and white and/or noir themes differentiate their practice. Works can be from any medium, and should have sales appeal for the holiday season. 

We accept artwork from any medium*, including Student, Emerging, Mid-Career, and/or Professional Artists. Work should follow and/or challenge the theme of the exhibit, can be evocative, and above all, should be attractive for audiences and collectors.  Sculptural and 3D works are encouraged to apply.  

(*We unfortunately cannot show video art at this time, but please inquire)

“NOËL NOIR” In-Person Opening Reception will be held Saturday, November 18th.  Other mid-show events and sales promotions are TBD.  The show runs to December 31st. 


Vestige Concept Gallery specializes in curated monthly mixed exhibition opportunities that appeal to a diverse range of artists, audiences, and art buyers. Located in Lawrenceville, the new cultural heart of Pittsburgh, PA, the Gallery seeks to showcase the best of emerging and professional artist talent from across North America, and sell work at affordable prices through promotions and in-person events.  

When you submit your work, you’re not just gaining exposure – you’re joining a collective dedicated to promoting your art all season long. We’ll showcase your pieces to our clients and collectors through a multi-faceted approach, including:

  • Social Media: Your art will be featured on our social media platforms, reaching a wide and diverse audience.
  • Email Campaigns: We’ll include your artwork in our regular email newsletters to our subscribers, art enthusiasts, and potential buyers.
  • Ecommerce Website: Your creations will be included on our e-commerce website, allowing potential buyers to explore, inquire, and make purchases throughout the season.
  • Holiday Community Events: Beyond our online presence, we actively participate in various holiday community events. During these occasions, your art will be displayed and promoted, increasing its visibility among local art enthusiasts and potential collectors.
  • In-person Shopping Experience: Art is always better in person! Vestige Concept Gallery maintains consistent open hours for the public.

Our commitment to marketing and promoting your artwork throughout the season is aimed at ensuring that your creations receive the recognition they deserve.


  • “NOËL NOIR” is open to any artists over age 18, within the United States and Canada.
  • Work must be the original artwork, ready to display.
  • The specific work must not have been previously displayed in a Vestige Concept Gallery exhibit.
  • Work must be for sale. (No “NFS” or deliberate overpricing)
  • No Giclees or reproductions of original works will be accepted unless the work itself is a Giclee or digital work of art.  Aside from monoprints, any print works must have an edition number (Please note this in the media tag or signature, if applicable- e.g. “1 of 5,” etc.)
  • Applicants may submit up to ten (10) entries. Two (2) entries are included in the $29 application.
  • An additional charge of $5 per entry is charged for any additional submissions over 2.
  • APPLICATION DEADLINE is Saturday November 4th, at Midnight (MST)
  • Artists will be notified of acceptance on or before Monday November 5th at Midnight.  Please note the shipping turnaround of 8-9 days for the show.
  • Shipped works of art must arrive no later than Thursday, November 16th.
  • Yes- local drop offs are ok, but not the day of the show and no drop-offs if you live more than 1 state (or 8 hours) away from Pittsburgh with the exception of approved special installs.
  • Artists accepted into the show must reply email confirmation upon acceptance, and later, be willing to provide an artist pic, short bio, and web/social links (if applicable). These items are necessary for various promotions but do remain optional. By submitting this information, you provide Gallery all rights to post the work on their gallery website and on social media, unless otherwise discussed.
  • Accepted artwork must be the actual artwork as seen in the submitted images. No substitutions. Gallery reserves the right to pull any artwork that differs from the images in the accepted submission.  Any Giclées will automatically be pulled from the show unless it was initially stated that the work itself is a Giclée or digital print.
  • Accepted artwork listed for sale must be for the price listed in the submission. No last-minute price changes.  
  • Vestige Concept Gallery retains a 30% commission for any artwork sold–please factor this into your pricing and update your pricing accordingly.  
  • Artists are responsible for shipping & optional shipping insurance to and from Vestige Concept Gallery. A return-service (RS) shipping label must be included. Fedex or UPS only.  More instructions on shipping will follow during acceptance.
  • Shipped work must be sent in reusable, sturdy boxes and marked with your name. No loose peanuts. Artwork framed with glass is the responsibility of the artist.  Artwork with glass that arrives in broken condition may be pulled from the event if artist is unable to remedy the issue.
  • Late or damaged work will not be exhibited.
  • Art damaged in transit is solely the responsibility of the artist and shipper. Artwork may also be hand-delivered, if within range.
  • Wall pieces MUST be securely wired, framed, and properly prepared for display.  Painted edges and/or a clean edge (i.e. the edges were masked off prior to painting), are acceptable for paintings.  Sawtooth is ok for photography and small work only, that weighs less than 5 pounds.
  • 2D Work must not exceed 30lbs, including frame.   3D artists of a non-traditional nature may wish to inquire with the gallery first before submitting.  “Traditional” means works such as (but not limited to) ceramics and sculptures that fit onto a pedestal. Traditional 3D generally should not require any inquiry.
  • ORNATE AND/OR BARN STYLE FRAMES are subject to review upon arrival, and if deemed overwhelming, distracting, or egregious in size, may be removed from the show at the gallery discretion.  Ornate, barn wood, and very old, historical looking frames should be avoided.  If your work is already framed and you are unsure, please contact the gallery and include a picture.
  • A “Yes” response on a special circumstance email (such as a question about 3D art or frames) does not indicate a “yes” acceptance into the show.
  • Artists who “size jump” after acceptance (i.e. photography printed at larger sizes than initially stated, or adding super wide matting that increases the frame size), may be removed from the show at gallery discretion.  Any concerns about final presentation on said items, please check with the gallery first.
  • From time to time in certain exhibits, the gallery may choose to feature 1-2 artists and include their name in the subtitle of the show, below the main exhibit title.

NOV 4: Application deadline

NOV 5: Acceptance notification

NOV 16: Deadline for shipped or dropped-off work

NOV 18: Opening Reception

NOV/DEC:  Normal business hours

DEC 31: Show closes and any unsold artwork is packaged and shipped back

We are committed to keeping your personal information confidential. We do not sell, rent, or lease our contact data or lists to third parties, and we will not provide your personal information to any third party individual, government agency, or company at any time unless compelled to do so by law. Information collected is used solely by Vestige Concept Gallery for communication/notifications regarding exhibitions and events.

Note: After sucessfuly submitting your application, you will be redirected to a confirmation page and receive an email receipt. If this does not occur, please scroll to the the top of the application to check for form errors. Thank you!